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Corys swimming against glass

Hello everyone,

In my 30gallon I had 3 "false" julii corys thet seem to just swim in the middle levels of the tank, usually against the glass. They usually swim against the right side of the tank or the back "black background". Sometimes they just kinda stay in the middle of the tank, swimming slowly so they kinda just stay in the same place. I kinda figured they were lonley so I bought 3 more but they are doing the same thing.

They all look healthy, they share the tank with 5 zebra loaches and a BN pleco. The loaches kep to themselves so I dont think it is a territory issue. They all share the same sinking foods at the same time and there are no issues. Also, they dont go alltheway up top for air, they just kinda float in the middle.

I just wanna know if I should be worrying about anything. I hope I explained it clearly, if not let me know lol
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My new 'false' Julii/3 stipe is doing the exact same thing. It is in with my 3 albino cories. I have it by itself because it was bu itself at my lfs, but I will get 2 more soon as next shipment comes in (to the lfs).

I don't know why it is swimming on the glass, though. Wish I did.

small fry,

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That is normal for cories. They love to shimmy up the sides and back down again. I have many cories so I do know this for a fact.

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Originally Posted by fishyinpa View Post
That is normal for cories. They love to shimmy up the sides and back down again. I have many cories so I do know this for a fact.
Thing is they dont shimmy up and down, they actuall stay in one place pressed against it. Also I lost 3 and Im going to assume it was the 3 i recently added because they went a few days after I put them in. Now they like resting on the dwarf lilly. Its upsetting me.
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