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corys and angelfish?

I have read a few pages and they say angel fish and corys would be fine together if their provided hiding spaces.
I would like to get 4 angel fish for my 55 gallon. The tank is pretty open, i have a sandish substate, not gravel, but not like sand on the beach. About 5 plastic plants going through the middle with a piece of driftwood on each side that has compartments and stuff in it they can all hide in, and a cave in the middle. How many corys do you think could house in a 55 gallon with 4 angels?
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if its only going to be cories and angels, you could fit about 6 cories and 4 angels and thats it. If you want maybe some schooling fish like the larger tetras (no small ones like neons since they will be eaten) then maybe 4 cories, 4 angels and a school of tetras.
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A 55 gallons can fit more than just 4-6 cories. 10 cories, if the wallet fits, will. They are bottom dwellers therefore 4 would be rather too small a number.

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Yeah i might get 8ish? i keep looking at the tank and just trying to imagine how many can be swimming down there lol I heard their very active right? so if i have around 8 then the bottom of the tank should be moving! lol
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Depends on the cory. Pandas seem to be more timid, but the bronze cories just have a blast running around the tank including going to the top for a bubble and diving bombing.
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if youre not looking to get any other fish, i would definitely get a group of cories like blue suggested, 8 or 10. i have 6 in my 10g and i love to watch how they interract with each other. theyre very active and a real joy to watch when theyre together

after posting this i noticed leifthebunnys comments. i should add that my cories are bronze and albino bronze so they really are active. if you want fish that youll enjoy watching, go for these rather than the pandas - they might not be as "pretty" but they make up for it and more with entertainment
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Really, thanks thats good to know, i would deffinatly take the active pretty fish over the less active more pretty fish ha.
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Oh yeah and what about pleco's? I think their amazing, their like big monsters lol. Do they get agressive later on in life to the point where they would have a negative affect on the cory cats or angels?
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Depends on the pleco. The problem that you have with plecos is they will remove the slime on the angel fish.
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i really wouldnt think so. i think plecs can occasionally be territorial towards a hiding place but this is not common as they are very peaceful fish. and also, if they are territorial it is only to similar fish which your cories and angels are not

the only thing you have to remember is that some can get BIG. 55g is a big tank but for a fully grown common plec its too small, however there are many species that are smaller which i think would go lovely in your tank. you dont even have to go for the smallest like pitbulls, but stay away from the ones that get REALLY big like the commons :)
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