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one tank:the peppers use to be in with the barbs,and YoYo loaches
i moved the corys because the YoYos i found bothered the corys,
so they then moved to the comunity,and they live with..............
guppys,dwarf gourami,neons,and one Lonely little girl ram,
the albino corys live at the guppy girl,retirement home. :)
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What can work with Cories is any fish that is 1) Too small or disinclined to eat them, 2) Not too rambunctious.

Now, I like loaches, but many would be unsuitable with cories. Kuhlis work, as do Botia striata (in my experience). I might try Cories hailing from headwaters areas in a river tank with the type of hillstream loaches called Hong Kong Plecos, or with the Nemachiline loaches sold as Checkerboard Sand Loach (which are generaly pretty peaceful.)

The classic combination, though, is cories and tetras and plecos. A big shoal of Neons or cardinals with albino or bandit or pepper cories, and a bristlenosed pleco is nearly an aquarist cliche (charming nevertheless).

Another tank that should work well would be a blackwater tank with driftwood and oak leaves, some cories, some pencilfish, and maybe some rams or apistos. If the cichlids breed, though, they might beat your cories up.

Just bear in mind, keep a school of 3 or more (5 better, 7 better still) of each type, and the smaller species (C. pygmeus, hasbrosus, and hastatus) prefer schools of at least 10 or a dozen, and preferably much larger.

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