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Corydoras tank mates

Hey everyone, I just recently became interested in Corys, and was wondering what good tank mates are for them. What do you guys keep with them?
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Cories are a great community fish. They will go with anything that isn't enough to eat them, or any bottom dwellers that would become agressive.

What size is your tank and we'll get some suggestions thoguht up for you.
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I have a 30 gallon, 24x12x18 Bow front.

BTW I just read your cory breeding thread julie, and it was a huge help
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I'm glad it helped somebody! :)

For a 30g tank I personally would recommend a peaceful community with a shoal of 5-6 cories as you said, a shoal of some sort of small tetra and maybe a pair of GBRs.
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just another question, The pH of my water is about 7.4. is that too high for corys? I read somewhere that they like soft to nuetral about 6-7?
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A touch high but I find cories adapt easily. Check with the lfs what their Ph is. If it's similar they'll be fine. If not, add some driftwood which will bring the Ph down a bit. You won't have to bring it down drastically.
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My pH is a little high, around 7.8 and my Cories are all healthy and seem happy.

I currently have 2 platies, 6 Danios and a golden Mystery snail in my 20 gallon with 7 Corys.

In my 10 gallon I have 1 platy, 1 male Betta, 1 oto cat and 3 Panda Corys. I plan on adding one more Panda. I just got to find one. It seems all my LFS are out.

Everyone gets along great.

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pshaw, my water is like 7.4-7.5 ph and the corys drink it up like water! ok bad joke, but naw as long as you take the time to acclimate them they should be fine :)

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Re: Corydoras tank mates

Originally Posted by Follow It Home
What do you guys keep with them?

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Community Tank- danios, golden white clouds, rasboras, snail, shrimp, I've even had a female betta in there. (I know, BORING!)

They are amazing and get along well with almost anything. I would keep them away from any other bottom dwelling semi-aggressive/aggressive breeds.

My pH is 8 (!). I do a drip acclimation with any new fish, and have not had any problems with this pH.

I like to keep in mind what part of the tank (top/middle/bottom) the other fish will likely inhabit. It helps everyone to get along when they feel like they have their "own space".

That is my 2 (maybe 3) cents.


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