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Originally Posted by fairghum View Post
I am fascinated by the concept of a "breeder net". I have always heard that cories have to be handled very carefully when using nets. Are they really okay in these "nets"? I have always used those hard plastic breeder boxes for injured or dying fish, but the net seems like a much better idea. Can you tell us more?
The mesh of a breeder net is much finer and softer than that of fish catching nets.
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Thank you! I shall be definitely getting one. I would think it's much nicer for the fish than a plastic box...
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I still net my cories with no problem. I have had one snag out of 1000 nettings. I would not store them long term in a breeder net. I use a specimen container and would strongly suggest that one is used for seperating them from the man tank over a breeding net.
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Originally Posted by Athur View Post
I recently did a nitrate test and it read .5 ppm.
doesnt look like its a N problem. Is your water very soft? This can cause swings in pH, which could cause some loss.

It is more likely that the stock that you bought was ill and just took time to die. I have had issue with wild stock cories never getting accustomed to the aquarium and slowly dying off. I would suggest watching the fish for rubbing, red gills, sunken bellies, fast breathing or any abnormal activity. Watch the fish for about 15 min a couple days in a row. Im not big on treating with chemicals for an unknow issue but if you see something let us know and we can suggest a chemical treatment.
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I would only be using the breeder net for any fish on its "last fins" to get it away from the others.
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I haven't noticed any eradic behaviour besides him being scared of my presence. The other cories don't really seem to care when I'm nearby.
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