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Originally Posted by jeaninel View Post
Right, they're two different types. But they're close enough in markings that they will probably shoal together fine. As for breeding though, I'm not sure they will cross breed. I'm no expert. Maybe Coryologist can answer that?
Greetings. I'm no expert, either, but I can add that C. trilineatus are extremely variable, to the point where oftentimes one might think that they were most assuredly looking at two distinct species in one group of fish. Additionally, unless the collecting point of the fish is known, there is no way of knowing what you have. The exporters list the fish as C. julii and the person at the lfs is usually instructed to label the tank to match the packing list of the shipment.

That being said, you should just be sure that you have a group as large as you can comfortably house and enjoy them. The larger the group the less chance of cross-breeding, which is theoretically posssible, but extremely unlikely and not something you are likely to encounter.

I hope this helps. - Frank

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Thankyou for your response, I've got 6 now which is all my tank will hold. They appear to be ok together. Sorry for taking up the pic thread with questions.
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My trio of peppered cory's
il get a picture of my albino's when they decide to hold still for a second
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yeah a question on corys do like live bearers of all types or will they fight a bully them...and what size groups should they be in..1 and 2 or like 5 and 6..thankyou.
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Cories are very peaceful and get along with everyone. They are a schoaling fish and should be kept in groups of 6 miniimum. A lot of people only keep 2 or 3 but it really is best for them to be kept in larger groups. The larger the better!

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Pygmy Cories...didn't see any on this thread, so I took a couple. Forgive me, but hyper fish+cheap cam= bad pics
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What little cuties. I want some for myself!

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Talking Pygmy Cory perching on a leaf

Whoever on here told me that Pygmys love plants (probably Byron) wasn't kidding. here are three pics of a pygmy checking out a leaf near the top of the tank (!), and then just perching on it! For the longest time today I thought I had lost one, but he was hanging out on a leaf too.
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Pygmy Cory, chillin' on a leaf... a staring contest with a cherry shrimp.
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These are shots of two or three of my green and peppered corydora's...

I hope my pictures don't come out too humongous.. LoL....

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