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FWIW, my 3 Albino and 2 Green Corydoras never shoaled together (except around feeding time when they would peacefully share pellets). The Albinos (who were added first) are very fast and go all over the tank seemingly all the time. they are always aware of each other, but do not constantly stay in a tight group. The Greens (male, female) stayed very tightly together always and were quite slow and peaceful staying along the bottom. The difference in behavior may have led to their not shoaling all together. As I only have a 10 gallon and wanted a proper shoal, I have removed the 2 Greens and am looking to add Albinos.

Of note, my 8 Glowlight Tetras (from two separate purchases of 4) are always pretty tightly together in the left to center of the aquarium (in filter flow, but may be coincidence). The Albinos tend to go all around the tank perimeter essentially "surrounding" the Tetras.

I note I have very soft water (1-1.5 dKH) which my research has shown is good for all species I mentioned above.


Tank Info and Pictures:
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Necroing an old thread but anyway....

The internet is full of conflicting information; Hearsay, opinion and the short version are the norm. I think many responses fall into the short version as posters typically don't want to read or write of novel.

C. aeneus will reach 3" TL; I have a group of 3+ year old fish in one of my tanks. Personally, I believe in keeping cory in a group of no less than 5 so that more normal behavior can be seen. Tank size can play into normal behavior and I recommend 20 gallon long for all beginners. Cory can be kept in a 10 gallon and I know of a breeder that keeps most of his Cory in 10 gallon tanks with great success. So to answer your question, a shoal of Cory and a Betta will not overstock a 10 gallon tank unless you neglect your cleaning or overfeed.

In an aquarium, Cory are a shoaling fish; meaning that they will stay near other fish of the same genus/species to gain benefits of finding food, a mate or protection. Shoaling does not mean that they will swim in a tight group, moving as one. That is considered schooling which is seen in many commonly available tetras. These are two different terms that are incorrectly interchanged.

Variation in fish measurements can be from posters not referencing or being unaware of different fish measurement standards. I think most people are referencing TL while a smaller amount reference the SL but it can also vary based on topic. I think of SL length when stocking and TL for most everything else. These terms are useful in science articles and sport fishing.

SL, standard length, tip of the fish to the beginning of the caudal fin
TL, Total length, tip of the fish to the end of the caudal.
FL, Forked length, tip of the fish to the fork of the caudal fin.

The solution is dilution.
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