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Question Cory swimming in circles

I have an albino bronze cory that, not sure how to describe it, but when it swims, it does like a pinwheel impression where it's entire body spins around in a circle, almost like it's head is top heavy or something. Not sure what the cause is, but I haven't noticed thing on the outside, so I'm not sure if it's a fungus or a parasite. Some advice really needed. I now the description isn't much, but all that I can is like either the body doesn't know where it wants to go or I've gotten a blind fish.
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There is a disease called Whirling disease that is similar to what you're describing. I've had cories in the past that have had that and sadly they didnt survive. It could be something else but this is what comes to mind. Could you post s video?
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I would, but unfortunately, I got big algae problem to deal with, and currently waiting for the Amano shrimp I bought to help fix it, so getting a clear shot would be almost impossible. Plus, every time I use my digital camera, everything turns up fuzzy. Sorry. Anyway, if it is what you are talking about, is there a cure or is it like the Neon Tetra Disease?
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No treatment that I know of. Supposedly it's a parasite that infects the brain and spinal cord of fish.
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is it something contagious? Because my two main concerns are the male betta and the baby platys and I don't want any kind epidemic to worry about.
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Not contagious unless the other fish eat the infected fish.
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Never had that happen, and the only thing that probably would eat it are the Amano Shrimp I have in there for algae control.
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