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Cory's mating??

Are my guys mating?? Or are they just playing?? Either way, they seem happy. Check it out and tell me what you think. Hopefully this link works
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Aquarium have to be a Facebook member and log in to see the video.

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Thanks for letting me know, I'll upload it to you tube then and repost the link.
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Ok so lets see if this link works!!!
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I'm fairly certain they are socializing. If this were serious spawning, the female would be quite extended with eggs and the (slimmer) male would be following her with the nudging, etc. They also use the "T" position where the male will sit on the substrate with the female at a 90 degree angle. I posted a short video I found not long ago, on Corydoras similis depositing the eggs on leaves.

My pandas do this socializing almost non-stop. They are an especially social species. I have three of them, and to see them together cruising around the tank in this manner is entertaining. If you only have two Corydoras paleatus, I would get at least one more. Corys do best at a minimum of three; if you have other cory species in the tank, that's fine, they will sometimes socialize like this with different species too. I observed this very behaviour with a C. sterbai and a C. duplicareus last evening.

Corys are fun, aren't they.


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I do have 3 corys total. 2 peppered and 1 albino. Thanks for the response, they do socialize all the time and it's so fun to watch. They have so much fun together!
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He's not suggesting you have 3 TOTAL corys. He's suggesting 3 of EACH SPECIES of cory. Just to clarify...
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