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cory question

I am gong to get some cory catfish for my 35G tank.

I am not sure exactly what species yet. I hear they should be kept in groups say of 5-6.

In this case should keep 5-6 of the same species? or will 3 of one and 3 of another species still schol together and be happy?

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Re: cory question

Originally Posted by troyso
In this case should keep 5-6 of the same species? or will 3 of one and 3 of another species still schol together and be happy?
It's up to you. Both ways will work though I doubt two different species will ever shoal together but cories do not shoal at all. They roam my tank in small groups very often or even alone.

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So one would assume that if 'corys don't shoal at all' then 'I doubt two different species will ever shoal together' must be true.... lol

I have read that 5-6 is not really considered a shoal, more like a group of 20 to display natural behaviour.

FYI i had a group of 4 Corydoras C41 that pretty much always roamed the tank together.
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Ditto: Mo

"Roam the tank together" describes my sterbai behavior much better than shoaling.

It is humorous to me.
Roaming the tank together includes searching the bottom for food.
When one "finds a good stash" several of the others will "hurry over to his location" and begin searching for food also.

I have no experience with cory's other than sterbai but even as adults they still "play together" also.

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I find that cories don't swim about together but they do hang about together while sleeping, resting, generally messing about and I also find that they prefer to stick to their own species while doing so. I have also founf that when kept in a group of their own species they are more active, possibly because they feel more comfortable and secure.
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whats funny, i have 2 peppered and 2 julii (false julii?) and they hang out only with themselves. its funny when they swim along, and then one of the peppered will realize hes with the julii and take off lol theyre silly sometimes

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I have a half dozen C. metae in my 55 along with 5 Albino Bronzes, 8 or 9 C. sterbai, and a lonely C. trilineatus. There's a ledge where a piece of slate base for driftwood sticks out of a raised part of the substrate, and they (the metaes) sit under there all facing the same direction like so many VW bugs in a parking garage. The Albinos tend to hang out together, but move around the tank separately.

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