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Cory Cats for my 20g?

This is a discussion on Cory Cats for my 20g? within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Originally Posted by TangibleTetra Yes but i read they were omnivors, so the algae would just be providing them with some of their diet. ...

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Cory Cats for my 20g?
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Originally Posted by TangibleTetra View Post
Yes but i read they were omnivors, so the algae would just be providing them with some of their diet. I am going to try and find a good brand of flakes maybe some pellets made for them.

A high quality staple food like NLS or omega one has plenty of plant matter in there for them. Quality of plant matter is one of the most overlooked aspects of fish food - everyone focusses on the proteins, which are important, but so are the greens that go into the food.

Corys don't need Cory food - they need a high quality pellet food.

Originally Posted by dancelady View Post
Jaysee, sorry I do feed them the above, as well as the algae wafers. Funny evey night I put some in the dark tank, and they are gone by morning. Maybe the Mollies are eating them all up instead. Thank you for correcting me, it does mean that Tetra needs to know what food sinks so the cats can feed on the right thing. My baby cats do eat the wafers, as no one else is in there but them. I also give them First Bites and other baby food which I give to the Mollies, too. These tiny ones can't manage the large foods, yet.

Some kinds of african cichlids will kill themselves eating the wrong kind of food. Or I should say that the owner kills them feeding the wrong food. I'm not saying that the Corys are going to die eating algae wafers - point is that just because they eat it doesn't mean it's good for them. That's true of fish, dogs and children too.

Mollies are known to graze on algae and are notoriously glutinous - entirely possible that they are eating them too. Not sure what Tetra has to do with anything.

In nature, form follows function. Fish with whiskers and barbells are hunters first.
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