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i have 2 1.5" peppered cories in my 15g tank. lately, i have noticed a bluey spot on one of their bellies. im not sure what it is. he is not dyed and ive had him for nearly a year. does anyone know what it is? only one of them has it.

could it be an injury. my male dwarf gourami is creating a bubble nest and every so often the cories go up for air and the gourami attacks them until they go back to the bottom.

or is it disease or something?
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Hi Tom, what size is the blue spot? Does it look like a mark, or is there actually any damage round the area?

A picture would be helpful (although photographing a cory's belly might not be the easiest thing to do)!!

Also, have you tested the water parameters recently?

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it isnt but it looks like a bluey purple marker pen dot. the thick pens. no damage and he seems healthy and he swims about happily with his friend.

the ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate 10-15
lots of plants. and i do 2 water changes a week one just a water and one a proper vac. im trying to keep the water clean for my dwarf gouramis.
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