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This is a discussion on cories?? within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I was only trying to point out that it has been a mistake on the lfs' part to label the fish with another species. ...

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Old 02-29-2008, 08:52 PM   #11
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I was only trying to point out that it has been a mistake on the lfs' part to label the fish with another species. It's okay. I'm not really upset but at times, mistakes have to be pointed out.;)
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don't take it personal. Just think of it that now you have gained more knowledge.

Here's some pics to compare julii to trilineatus.

Julii have fine spots whereas the trilineatus have more of squiggle lines...kind of like the dots have been connected. There's probably some other subtle differences too such as head or body shape but the markings are what's most obvious to me.

Here's the julii:

Here's the trilineatus:
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Its a very common mistake. I got some trilineatus at a local pet store last week that were labelled as julii. When I was telling the owner what I wanted I said the false julii. He went to the tank and started to get me some then remarked that he would need to tell the breeder that they were not what he thought they were. The implication is that I had not a clue since the breeder would obviously know. The fish look exactly like the picture you posted of the trilineatus, which I knew because I had studied the difference, so I asked him to please let the breeder know. It is a local guy who has bred many different varieties of cory and probably bought them, like most of us do, from a pet shop that has the wrong label on them.
What I really had gone in looking for was more of the corydoras cochui that I have. I wanted enough of them to try breeding but think that all I have now are 3 males. They look a lot like a "peppered" cory but are very small and stay that way. They are rarely found in pet shops and I have no idea where I got mine. They were just cories to me when I got them and I knew I liked cories. Now that I have learned to identify a few cories, I am looking for them and finding that they are almost unheard of in the trade. What this means to me is its an even better reason to breed them if I can. Maybe I can make some available locally.
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