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ok so i was reading there is cold water sturgens so i thot the fish store was tryin to sell me them for my fish tank but then my friend tells me they mite been african sturgens which are ok in warm water anybody have these or have any experince with them im not gettin one right now just looking for some knowledge i heard they grow extremely slow and that the africans can be in tank with oscars i dont knw i just want one answer so i can figure it out im so confused now

65 gallon tank
1 oscar 7inch
1 firemouth 4inch
1 common pleco 6inch
1 long finned tiger oscar 3inch

45 gallon tank
2 rainbow tetra 3inch
2 skirt tetra 2inch
1 blue ram 2 inch
1 clown pleco 2 inch

15 gallon tank
1 sailfin pleco 2 inch
1 electric blue jd 2 half inch
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Try giving this a read through Sturgeon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lots of good info and a list of the various species of sturgeon for you to research.

My suggestion is that if a sturgeon is something you desire, be sure you know what specific species you are getting, and where it is coming from. They are not the easiest fish to keep in an aquarium, and even though they grow slow, they still need a large amount of area to thrive. Also a good idea to check to see that you are not getting a species that is listed as endangered. Getting caught with an endangered species in a home aquarium or pond can mean a huge amount of legal issues. I'm not sure where you are located, but around here, without a permit, there are a great many species of sturgeon it is illegal to keep, and you must prove where it came from. Fishing regulations require them to be very large if catching them from the river or lakes where it is allowed, which makes them unsuitable for home aquariums... and just because a pet store is selling it doesn't mean they know if its legal or not, and it doesn't mean they care. I have seen a great many illegal species pass through various pet stores in my life thus far, sometimes the store is unaware it is illegal, other times they will get creative with names or purposely mislabel it to sell it. Wholesalers are often guilty of the same thing, though with them it is more often they simply don't know what they are really selling.

Hope that helps you sort it out.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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