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Carrots in the Tank for Plecos?

I have recently added a Bristlenose Pleco to my tank.
I have read that they enjoy some vegetable matter as well as some wood in their diet.
I know that the most common veggies are zucchini, cucumbers, and blanched spinach.
Would carrots be acceptable?
They are a woody vegetable so I thought that they might kill two birds with one stone.
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i would not use carrots. i have a bn and i feed him lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, and peas (with the skin peeled off). They need driftwood in their diet to help with their digestive system so you should put a piece in the tank.

1 29g - one red tailed shark, an opaline gourami, and a bristlenose pleco

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I do have wood in the tank, I guess I meant that the carrot's woodiness would be in addition to the wood in the tank.
I do seem to recall that beta-carotene is good for color enhancement, and we ALWAYS have carrots in the fridge.
Thanks for the input though.
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I haven't heard of anyone feeding carrots but if you want to try them, I'd soften them up a bit first. Partially cook and then cool.

You'll have to let us know if your pleco likes them.

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Well the carrot was an abject failure.
I was quite excited when I returned home from work and the entire piece was gone from where it had been on the substrate in the morning, then I found it floating at the top of the tank
I then tried some blanched spinach, which sat in the clip for a day and a half before he figured out it was edible.
I put cucumbers in about an hour ago, and he sucked onto them like they were magnetic, when he isn't eating them he's hanging off of the clip.

I think that he's figured out the anything in the clip is food.
I'll have to try the carrot again this weekend.
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They really like cucumber, but I have heard it is basically fiber and no nutrition for them. I most commonly feed Zucchini.
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