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Can someone identify the genders of my sterbai cories?

I've tried looking all over the internet to get a good idea on how to do it myself, but there aren't really any clear pictures of the difference, just descriptions or a basic drawing. I feel a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe this would help someone else too. I've numbered them off to make it easier to differentiate each one. (No, I am not keeping them in a a plastic tub) I think they are all males, but I could be wrong. Anyway.


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How old are they? They may not be sexually mature so the top down view sexing method may not be possible. Sterbai females tend to have much more rounded pelvic fins; not sure if this is always the case but it is with my group. Looks like the same 3 fish in the two pictures.

I would say ...
Top pic:
Male: #2
Female:#1 and #3

Bottom pic
Female:#1 and #3
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Thank you for your reply. I apologize, I should have specified that they are two pictures of the same 3 fish. Unfortunately, I do not know their exact age, they are all a little over an inch long, I don't know if that helps. Will viewing them from the front or looking at the fins help you? I tried looking at the fins myself, but because I don't have a pic of a female and male to compare, it's a bit difficult for a beginner like me. If one person could post a real pic of both a male and female fin that would help immensely I think. I'll try to get more pictures at different angles Edit: Also, if you can tell me how you came to your conclusions about their genders, it'd be much appreciated too :)
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I highlighted why I sexed the fish the way I did in my previous post. Your fish are likely in the 6 months old to a year old range; most cory species need to be in the 2 to 3 year range to breed.

Picture of very obvious male and female. Female on the left

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Thanks :) that was really helpful. Sorry I did not see the portion of your post about the fin in my haste to reply.
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