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Ahh cool! I'm so jealous! Pics pleeeez!

Hehe...I love corys :D
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hehe i love cories to, since i started keeping them they have been so cute :D

im sorry but i will never be able to get any good pics lol sorry again. our family has one of those digital cameras from the stone age that is really blurry lol. im just confused know as my one cory who i thought was the male looks bigger then the cory i thought was a female, yet she seems to be carrying more eggs and the bigger one is looking a little plumper??
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sorry to double post once again but i have some photos of my cories (the adults) can anyone see if one a male or ones a female?

the on i thought was a female

and the one i thought was a male
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It's hard to tell since they are not side by side to compare but the bottom one appears to be plumper and bigger so my guess is that that's the female. However, whatever one you saw carrying the eggs is definitely the female as the male does not do this. After laying the eggs the female carries them in a ouch that she mkes with her fins in order to put them on the plant, side of glass etc.
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thanks falina,
the one that looked like she was carrying eggs was smaller then the other cory.

but one should be a male and the other one a female right?
sorry if thats a stupid question but the females cant carry sperm or can they? its just because i read that after fertilization the female carries the eggs out side of her body to lay them (i also read that fertilization is out side of the body)

thanks again
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Judging entirely by body appearance, I'd say the bottom one is female. However, perhaps in just having laid so many eggs and such the female is particularly thin. I've never really heard of this with corys, but perhaps she just needs to gain back her weight and such after all the stresses of becoming a new mother? Hehe, really no science to back this up. Just my two cents in on your mystery.
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yea thats what i thought but the silver on is looks like she is carrying eggs again as her stomach is quite full and round like i saw her before i found the last batch of eggs.

is there definatly a male and female or could the female still carry sperm (i thought it would be unlikly)?
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post #18 of 49 Old 02-05-2008, 06:29 AM Thread Starter
sorry to double post but im still confused

can a cory carry sperm for a period of time like livebearers? (im not sure as both bronze cories are looking abit round,and one rounder then the other)
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post #19 of 49 Old 02-05-2008, 10:50 PM
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Nope. Since you now have babies, you definitely have a male and a female. :)
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post #20 of 49 Old 02-06-2008, 05:28 AM Thread Starter
hehe thanks :D
they are really growing quickley thought its been less than a week and there whole body shape is already changing
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