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Bristlenose pleco breeding?

hey :)
I have what i believe to be a male albino, and a longfin brown female, bristlenose, that are near 2 inches (if not more). Im not looking to breed them any time soon, however, i wanted to know at what age and size do they start spawning or start any spawning behaviour? Thanks :D
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They could breed at any time now....I had a female that bred at 2". Is the female gravid?
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post #3 of 10 Old 07-28-2008, 12:36 AM Thread Starter
it doesnt look like she is gravid, so im worried that it could be a male, however the albino has bristles growing but i read the other day that there is some males that dont grow bristles, and im hoping that she isint one of them and really a he (if that makes sense ). She has started to come out of the cave i have, alot more, and they have been around each other alot more, so i dont know lol.
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Males ancistrus normally don't like to hang out there's still hope that it's a she! What are you feeding them....If your feeding them just veggies start to feed some higher protein foods. They need some protein in there diet to breed. Also do a slightly cooler water change (1 to 2 degrees) after a week with no water changes....that sometimes gets them into the mood to get gravid and also work to get them to breed! HTH
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thanks :D, right now they are getting zucchini (which i rarly see them eat), and algae pellets (which they love), what kind of food would help? thanks again :D
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I use New Life Spectrum pellots and all my plecs love it! You should be able to get some at a pet store but if you can't I can tell you where I get mine from.
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My Bristlenoses (both Sp3s) started breeding after I tossed a full portion of blackworms into the tank. They got down in the gravel, and the plecos would come out and hoover them up.

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hey thanks for the replies, ill try and find the food that has been suggested, but i dont know if i will find it as, ive never found live or frozen food for fish sold, where i am.
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Try this.

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post #10 of 10 Old 08-18-2008, 07:15 AM Thread Starter
thanks ill look into it and see where they ship to :D
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