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Question bn fry Question

if u wer to change the father and the fry in to another tank when would be the best

the types fish that i have r?
mollies 4 normal 1 sailfin
platies 4
guppies lots
swordtails 8 normal 1 bouble swordtail
bristle nose catfish-5 albino 5 normal
white clouds
2 albino and 1 bronze corydoras
Zebra danios 4 normal 1spotted 1 albino longfin
1 Betta red/blue/purple
bristle nose fry
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Originally Posted by ferszty View Post
if u wer to change the father and the fry in to another tank when would be the best

Can only speak from my own expierience with Bristlenose. Males will gaurd,fan, the eggs for aprrox one week after eggs appear and then eggs begin to hatch. Males will continue to gaurd the young fry until yolk sac is consumed by the fry ,approx another week to ten days. At this time the young fry will leave the nest and begin foraging. If moving them ,I would do it quickly and shortly after eggs appeared. This move would not be welcome and male may or may not resume his duties.You will need another tank set up with same water parameters and same temp and move should take no longer than a few seconds in my view.
Ideally, you will have such a tank set up before hand, and place the male and female in this tank with suitable nesting spot. Once the eggs have been laid, you can remove the female. Leave the male with the fry until free swimming and then feed the fry several small feedings per day with vegetable based foods and perhaps some crushed, freezedried Brineshrimp. They are ravenous eaters and will starve if foods are not present for them to feed on throughout the day. This will also mean frequent water changes to keep up water quality =zero ammonia and nitrites and nitrAtes under 40ppm.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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