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BN friends?

This is a discussion on BN friends? within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Okay so I have a 55 gallon with one albino BN Pleco, and I was wondering if I can add some other kinds of ...

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BN friends?

Okay so I have a 55 gallon with one albino BN Pleco, and I was wondering if I can add some other kinds of Plecos with him? Like a clown or Green phantom. It's currently on a tank with some cichlids and is about juvenile, like 3 1/2 inches.
But if different species is incompatible, should I get another bristle nose? And does it matter if it's albino or not?

Thanks for all suggestions!
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Is the tank planted? I ask this because Bristlenose Pleco have been known to chew holes in soft plants (and some not so soft).

If the present BN is for algae control, another will not likely be needed. If, however, you just like the fish, you should be OK with another. Males are territorial, so some chunks of bogwood to provide hiding spots. In a 55g with that, you're fine.

If you like the pleco i general, there are many other interesting species too, that would manage in a 55g. The Hypancistrus genus is loaded, and most remain under 5-6 inches. These are not vegetarian by nature, being omnivorous, so plants are not damaged.

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