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Question Best fish for eating algae?

What do you think is the best fish for eating algae? And how many should I get for a 150 gal tank? I was trying to find if someone had asked this before but couldn't find it.
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Otos are good, since they eat all the time.
but for a tank that size... I don't know, lol.

edit: I suppose it also depends on the algae as well, as some fish won't eat certain types.
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well with a 150gal tank, you could probably have around 25-50 ottos lol. that would be a lot. i would recomend snails. shrimp also eat some algea, and keep the tank very clean.

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OK I was planning on shrimp. Not sure about the snails, what kind?
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If I were you, I would get a common pleco, a bristlenose (ancitrius sp.) catfish, or some smaller plecos.

I LOVE FISH!! (Or at least tiger barbs, platies, catfish/plecos, and some discus)
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Snails, however (at least the common "mystery" or apple snails), will not do a very good job.

I had algae growing on the side of my small 5.5 gallon and had a snail in there.
He didn't really seem to care, and when he did eat it, he sure did miss a lot of spots, lol.

you might try a nerite snail, those are supposed to be good. But I think if you want the algae [mostly] gone, you'll have to go with a catfish of sorts.
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Yea, I was thinking a pleco or two of some kind too.
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You have got to determine first WHAT kind of algae you're dealing with, Oto's for instance only touch Brown algae and nothing else.
FYI: Algae is caused either by a brand new system (in which adding Otos would be fatal) or because of a unstable old tank, either case to overcome what's causing it is much better then trying to add certain fish to it, which then may not even touch the algae you have and on top add to your tanks bio load, which then in return can enable the algae to grow even better...

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Angel is right in that different fish will eat different types of algae. You have a large enough tank that you could accomodate a variety if fish. SAE, otos, snails, shrimp and plecos are some possibilities. Here's a good article on algae eaters for a planted tank. Algae Eaters for the Freshwater Aquarium - Article at The Age of Aquariums - Tropical Fish

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Not sure what kind of algae I have but I have some brown and some green. As the tank gets more established I see the brown going away and more green developing. I have put some algaefix in as well, that could be why the brown is going away?? Really, I should take my tank out of the "planted" cat. because I have only a couple. I have some moss and only one patch of grass left, My SD's ate the rest.
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