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Any tips on Raphael Catfish?

This is a discussion on Any tips on Raphael Catfish? within the Catfish forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Originally Posted by excal88 Here's 2 videos, one in normal daylight and the other is with my moonlight on. Sorry in advance if its ...

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Any tips on Raphael Catfish?
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Originally Posted by excal88 View Post
Here's 2 videos, one in normal daylight and the other is with my moonlight on. Sorry in advance if its kind of disorientating. I was doing my best to keep the lil buggers on camera, but they were moving around quite a bit.

Spotted Raphael catfish in their new home - YouTube

Moonlight with the spotted Raphaels - YouTube
I had the same experience with my striped raphael. He was extremely active with the lights on but after a few days he found a good place to call home and doesn't leave until the lights are off. They are nocturnal fish so the expectation of seeing them throughout the day constantly is extremely high and is likely not going to happen.

If you want my opinion, try and build some caves where as you can see into them but it's still dark enough for him to make home. That way you get the enjoyment of seeing him during the day.
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Yea I have some caves made up of slate and driftwood, 1 for each catfish. I was thinking of going to lowes or home depot and buying some large diameter pipes and letting them use that.

I think plant wise I was gonna look at more anubias. It just looks really nice. I'm also looking at some water sprite or the such for coverage, just waiting for the stores to get them in stock.
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