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The pH in the angel tank was 6.5 and I really did not want to take chances.

Ancistrus triradiatus x1
Ancistrus sp. Albino x1
Apistogramma cacautoides "Orange Flash"(Cockatoo Cichlid)x2
Corydoras paleatus (Peppered Cory Cat) x3
Hyphessobrycon eques (Red Serpae Tetra) x6
Ilyodon furcidens x3
Monodactylus sebae (Mono) x1
Pimelodus pictus (Pictus Cat) x1
Pterophyllum scalare(Angelfish) x5
Trichogaster fasciata (Banded Gourami) x2
Trichogaster lalius (Dwarf Gourami) x3

Ambystoma mexicanum x3

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Dwarf Puffer-feedback please!!

So, because I do want to add some fish (can't decide what) to my 25 gal, planted tank with wood, I want to jump in on this DP discussion. They are the freshwater ones, which is good, but I'm so confused by tankmates. Looks like they can not be kept with other fish, but some people have success - is there any specific reason for this? Fast fish can get away? Lots of plants? No obvious reason?

I have 5 small Danios in my tank, I guess I could get rid of, but I hate to bother with that. If I add 3 DP to the Danios am I just asking for trouble? One site says catfish are okay with DP.

I really think they're cute, and I'm not finding many other fish I like that would fit in my 25 gal.

From people who have had them, I'd really like to hear your experiences!


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