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New to Green Spotted Puffers

This is a discussion on New to Green Spotted Puffers within the Brackish Water forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Originally Posted by Holeintheworld One of the puffers doesn't look so good, I don't think he has eaten for a while. It doesn't seem ...

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New to Green Spotted Puffers
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Originally Posted by Holeintheworld View Post
One of the puffers doesn't look so good, I don't think he has eaten for a while. It doesn't seem to be bullying cause cause food will float right past his mouth while the other two are on the other side of the tank. His left side looks almost deformed and dented compare to his right side. On the left side it is really caved in, while in the right side he is still pretty thin but not as much. Do you know what might be wrong?
I have two puffers in a 20 gal tank, and one of them seems to be having the same problem you are describing. Does anyone know what is wrong? The other one is healthy and hale, and seems to be growing at a MUCH faster rate. I got them both at the same time, about a month ago, and they were the same size. Now the healthy one seems to be almost twice the size of the unhealthy one.

The smaller one has taken to hiding in one of the caves for most of the day as well, something that didn't happen when I first brought them home. I've watched them eat, it doesn't seem to be a bullying issue, as the larger one attacks the Bloodworm Cube, while the smaller one nips and grabs at the worms floating down... but he only eats a few and then goes back to his cave.

I guess the worrisome part is that the left side of his tale seems dented in, and he doesn't use his tale to move around much like the other one does.
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