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i would say the puffer is a little under 2 inches and the eelis about 9 inches. i'm not really sure about long term tank mates because of tthe eel mostly. what will prob have to happen is us get him into marine and set up a big salt water. we only have a 5.5g salt now and he's definitly not fitting there! we got the eel first and the guy told us he's freshwater but on doing research he's obviously not. i think they have babies in mostly fw and then move to the sea. but since we had to set up a brackish tank it was a good reason to get a puffer. i'm sure we'll have to start getting stuff for a big sw tank soon. we could never afford it all at once so we'll by pieces at a time until we have enough to set it up and then get live rock. so the puffer will prob end up having the tank to himself, we're just keeping an eye on them both for now. they just ignore each other mostly, the worst i saw was at first at the first feeding time the puffer took a snap at the eel, the eel took a snap at the puffer, then the puffer darted in and nipped him and the eel ran away :o now they can swim right by each other and don't care. i just try to put food in both sides of the tank just in case. the eel was actually quite ceap. eels around here are very expensive but he was only 14 or 18 i can't remember. i was surprised.
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The gsp's looks are very misleading they tend to get more aggressive as they get older I don't know about the eel but you'll need to choose carefully any tank mates for your gsp they don't call them little killers for no reason as they get older they don’t usually even like there own kind. I know a few say you can have 1 gsp in a 15 gal but most recommend 30 gal or 55 for 2. I don't know where you are but I bought my first 30 gal new but my other 3 tanks I have bought used with every thing in them and wood stands to boot, the most I paid was for one of the 55 gal it was 100.00 but the other 55 & the 30 were under 75.00 each. Some people go out and buy the works and then realize how much work keeping fish is and just want to get rid of them so they sell them cheap mine needed a good scrub but for that price I didn’t mind.

30 gal freshwater
1 Angel
1 Albino BN
5 Harlequin
6 Pepper Corys
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i watch the papers around here alot for ads for fish tanks, they come up rarely and when they do they're usually quite small. Awhile ago my Mom told me her friends neighbor gave away a 100g because the fish in it had finally died (prob an oscar) and she didn't want another, plus she gave away the big tanks she used to breed fish to feed the big guy. I almost died! I was like noooooooo! If only I could go back in time and tell Moms friend (cause he didn't know we were into fishies) that we loved fishies! i still cry myself to sleep over it :( we did get a 30g for 40. but it came with nothing and the cocking was in questionable shape. we traded it to a guy for his when we got his lizard.
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What did you use to treat the internal parasites of your gsp? I have 5 and one has recently started to take a turn for the worst. I know they are sensitive to certain things cuz of their skin and I am worried about what to treat him with?
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I had good luck with Parasite Clear Tank Buddies made by Jungle Lab It has Praziquantel in it and that is what you need to kill the internal parasites.
I took one tablet and cut the tablet in 1/8 and desolved 1/8 in a small amount of water a little bit of fresh cut Garlic and his food I used blood worms or dried krill I let it soak about an hour or so and then fed it to him. It does no good to treat your water you need him to eat the med. Be sure to use the garlic to soak the food in fish love garlic and it covers the med taste. I hope this is some help.

Sorry I forgot I treated them 1 time a day for about 7 or 8 days
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