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I'm pretty certain that is a Catathyridium jenynsii which is one of the true freshwater flounders, and one I ve kept. they are however sub-tropical so the temp should be between 20 and 26c

the main problem keeping any flounder is feeding, most are hard to feed and every one I've kept stops eating at one point for no apparent reason and subsequently dies. my C.jenynsii managed to stay alive for 7 months before stopping eating. the diet was (frozen) mysis, prawn, (live) bloodworm, glassworm and mealworms.
an adult should reach 23cm but I doubt that will happen in captivity.

the best set up is a fast flow tank, like a river tank, with lots of round boulders and plenty of O2. substrate should be sand as they hide in it so an area of the tank should be clear of boulders for this purpose.
your 10g is probably a bit on the small size and I've kept all my flounders in no less than 30g


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Thanks for your guys help i rely appreciate it

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I think I might be too late for this reply, but here's the info that I have gathered so far:
Can grow up to 6 inches.
Will NOT eat algae, they prefer live food but can be trained to sinking pellets.
Must not be kept in a tank smaller than 20 gallons.
Brackish water when it grows older.
Preferably sandy substrate.

Good luck with your flounder!

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Im sorry I didnt post early but i've got some info for you. I have a 5" flounder thats about as big as they get. He has been in freshwater all his life and still is and hes thriving. only the only way he eats is when hes on the side of the tank you put a shrimp on somthing long and stick it NEAR his face and he will snatch it. All flounder travel through FW and SW conditions at somtime in there life.
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