Figure 8 and Snails.
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Figure 8 and Snails.

This is a discussion on Figure 8 and Snails. within the Brackish Water forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> SO i recently acquired (was given) a brackish tank with 5 molly fry (probably .5 inches) and a figure 8. i have 3 other ...

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Figure 8 and Snails.

SO i recently acquired (was given) a brackish tank with 5 molly fry (probably .5 inches) and a figure 8.

i have 3 other freshwater aquariums with Blue Ramshorn MTS and varying other types of snails that came with my live plants. (thanks!)

i have all these snails breeding like mad (minus the ramshorn for some reason)

are these safe for the lil man (or woman, who knows)

i was told that the MTS have very hard shells and that the bigger ones wouldnt be good for him, but how big?

how about the ramshorn (if they start to multiply)

are the pond snails that come with live plants ok for him?

I also gave him some frozen brine shrimp which he devoured (in a scene that reminded me of the food fight in "Hook" between the lost boys)

anything else i should be supplementing?

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ramshorn and pond snails are fine for the F8P's. I tend to like pond snails (mainly because they are easy to breed). Sometimes you have to train your F8P to eat the snails. All you have to do is pre-crush (I just crush it in my fingers) the snail and then feed it to him/her. It will not take long and they will know just what it is when you drop it in and it will not make it to the bottom of the tank. You can also crush the snail if it is to big for the F8P
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