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Does anyone have any knowledge about these amazing looking fish? I went to my LPS yesterday after work and saw these fish in the tank w/baby African Clawed Frogs. I really would like to purchase one, to put in my frog tank. No one at the store knew much about them, with the exception of what they eat and that they are scavengers. Any input would be most appreciated. :(
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LOL, I think we had this one a few weeks ago. They're known also as Violet Gobies, get up to 15-18 inches and are good community tank members because they have VERY poor sight which means you have to target feed them. You need a tank that's like 60 gallons for their final size though.

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I knew that they get rather large. There are a couple in there that are easily 12" long. I'm upgrading from a 29 G to a 55 G. I'll just get one of the littler ones, because it's going to be at least 2 months before I have the larger tank up and running. Any idea on what these cutie pies eat?
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But these Gobiodes broussonetti require brackish water conditions.

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Yes, that, they do. I "googled" them earlier and realized that I could only keep them, if I devoted a tank to brackish water. So..............no cutie pies for me. :(
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Bummer. You know you want the bigger tank anyways :)

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Or just get a second tank!
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LOL! Oh yeah! I not only want the bigger tank; but, I already know how it's going to look when I'm done w/it. Got a bit of a shocker this weekend. Was doing a partial water change in the "Tank of Death", when I noticed that MY frog was missing his left eyeball. There was only skin left. Of course, I looked at Fred, my husbands frog and said some really not nice things. I don't know how he lost his eye; but, w/the aggression that has been going on in there periodically, I have a good idea. I went to about 7 pet stores this weekend, trying to track down, if not 2 fairly large females, then, at least, 2 small females. No luck. :(
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