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Dead Rope Fish

I recently acquired a ropefish and over a couple days acclimated him to my 75g brackish tank. He started acting funny last night, kind of a lot of lethargic swimming and floating. This morning I woke up and he was dead... water parameters are fine, ph is about 7.8, and sg is 1.005. I would like to get another one but won't until I figure out why this one died. Any help?
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How did you acclimate him? By gradually increasing salinity?
A lot of fish can't handle a large sudden change. Maybe even a couple days was too fast. Especially for a fish that was before kept in freshwater.
1.005sg is the upper limits for them, keep in mind. If you are keeping him alone, I'd probably just try full freshwater.
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I decided against another one because several fish I'm keeping will eventually need a SG of 1.010 or more. But I did notice the disappearance of one of my bumblebee gobies around the same time. I'm pretty sure the ropefish ate him... Maybe this is related to his death? But I think you're right. I tried to acclimate him too fast...
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Good idea on not getting another then.
Ropefish as far as I'm concerned belong in species only tanks, they are greedy little buggers that enjoy munching other fish. Not surprised that he ate you goby. They have a really wide gape.
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