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can u cycle a new brackish with mature freshwater media?

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can u cycle a new brackish with mature freshwater media?
Old 07-31-2011, 06:55 PM   #31
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Maybe, just leave the filter as is. As long as you continue with your water changes with prime, and keep ammonia under .25, the fish should live through it.

I stir my sand during every water change. You will see some released gas bubbles, but this will not kill the fish.

Ghost shrimp are not hard to keep, but your fish might be big enough to eat them. If they are not too expensive, I would buy a few and see what happens. Might end up to be a good food source.

Malaysian Trumpet Snails also make a good clean up crew.These snails do very well in brackish water.

I don't use air bubbles in any of my tanks, and do not believe that they are necessary under normal situations. You could try turning your spray bar up, and putting a suction cup plant, such as this Exo Terra Jungle Plant Amapallo - Habitat Décor - Reptile - PetSmart under the spray bar, to break the current and make the fish feel more relaxed. I only use air bubbles, when I need to medicate the fish at raised temperature, to add extra air.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail
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brackish1 (07-31-2011)
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ok, thanks I will try that also. A lot of people dont use bubbles. I thought they were used to increase oxygen in tanks that are a bit overstocked...well thats what LFS said I use them when Im doing a fishless cycle at high temperatures, just to speed to process along a bit but havent got them either. I just think they look a bit naff (that british for dated/old fashioned lol) and I cant stand the noise :) My poor BBG got swept away in mine when I tried to use it for moving their bloodworm and it made the worms do a kind of tornado lol
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