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Bumblebee Goby feeding?...

I've got a pair in with my barbs (yes I salted, params are fine, no interspecies arguing going on) in a 33 gallon tank. Everyone's fine and dandy, active...Except, the barbs eat everything before the little ones have a chance. I've even hid bloodworms in spots they can't fit in to, but they've figured out how to swish their tails and swoosh the worms OUT... *facepalm*. Will I have to pull the gobies from the tank, or can someone help with some ingenuity? Is there something the barbs WON'T eat that the gobies can have?

I mean they've been getting tidbits and even readily eat frozen food squares, but only when they can get them some, and they won't hand feed like the barbs will...

33g with Eheim Canister Filter (80g) and 40g HOB
Crushed coral sand, coconut shell caves, bubblers, power head, dead liverock, mopani, russian mossballs, hornwort, tape grass, assorted nameless plants, one lucky bamboo shoot
-2 Calico Ryukins
-4 Ottoclinus 2 male 2 female
-1 Clown Pleco male
-1 Shubunkin/Comet?, Calico female
-1 SAE, female
-Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Rams horns
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