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bumblebee gobies

This is a discussion on bumblebee gobies within the Brackish Water forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> i have a newly cycled 29 gallon tank with nothing in it i have been interested in bumblebee goby and would like to get ...

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Old 07-12-2009, 05:50 PM   #1
Question bumblebee gobies

i have a newly cycled 29 gallon tank with nothing in it

i have been interested in bumblebee goby and would like to get some heres what i know so far there brackish, and are hard to feed.

can i have more information on what i should put in my tank, more plants and caves maybe?

what are some good tankmates for gobies?

i know puffers are mean but ive seen a lot of websites, and other formes on diffrent sites that say they have like 5 gobies ,and 2 figure 8 puffers and they do fine together and for 2 years have had no insidents.

could i try this and then if it goes wrong bring the puffer fish back

if so can i have 5 gobies and 2 figure 8 puffers in my 29 gallon?
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Old 07-25-2009, 08:36 PM   #2
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I appologize that this post has gone so long unanswered. We are generally quick to respond on this site, so don't get discouraged.

I would advice against mixing any other fish with Bumblebee gobies. Yes, you sometimes hear of isolated examples of people who have kept other fish with them, but for every success story you hear 100 horror stories. BB gobies are best kept in a species aquarium, void of any other fish. A 29 gallon would be a wonderful setup for these fish.
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You could house a pair of orange chromides, a group of celebes rainbows, or some mollies with the gobies.
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