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Yet another change in mind Help with 36 gallon bowfront

So I recently gt a 36 gallon bowfront tank and want to change my plans again but I need to know a few key things before I jump in(again).

So my plans for the tank were to make a tank for a dwarf fuzzy lionfish. But since I don't have alot of money i only want to keep one tank. Wanting a reef means compromise. I do have a question regarding this, Can I make a reef tank(Anemones, softies, lps) and still have a lionfish? I know it limits what I can have and I might just end up ditching the idea altogether(the lionfish) even though it is my dream fish, but having one means no other interesting fish or creatures like shrimp.

So the equipment I have is the tank, a 20 gallon tank waiting to be a sump, instant ocean 100 protein skimmer, a couple of powerheads(will upgrade as the tank goes along), and I have some dry rock and chaeto algae. The items I also need(lights, overflow, and return) I see costing me anywhere between $100 - $200 depending on the cost of the return pump. The light system i was looking at was Odyssea T5 High Output Lighting and the HOB overflow on the same website Filtration - Overflow I can get my sump acrylic for cheap. Any comments or suggestions are welcome(keep in mind I have a small budget).

Also for those of you who don't know i also have a 55 gallon tank(not set up) but I like the bowfront more. Thanks for reading this and an even bigger thank you if you have any links to a well priced return pump or better priced item.

EDIT: Is this a good return? cheap and from the same website as the other stuff Odyssea Water Pump Anyone with experience know if this is a good pump or if there is another cheap return pump I can get.


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I forgot to mention I want to keep a nem and an urchin of some sort(when my water is good enough for either). I just want some thoughts or suggestions on what kinds I can get that are fairly hardy. I want the urchin for bangii cardinals, and a nem because I like nems and might get some cool clowns that will host in them. The lights I posted above have 2x 24w 10000k bulbs.

Also without the lionfish I was thinking for stocking the following.
X# of Bangii cardinals(What is a recommended amount)
1 pearly jawfish
1 firefish
1-2 clowns(not normal clownfish unless they are a mated pair)
1 potters angel

1 Fire shrimp
1 Pom pom crab
1 Sea urchin
1 Nem

I'll figure out the coral I want later but that is a rough outline of what I eventually want in my tank. Any suggestions on what I can or can't do please do write. As soon as i get another $60 I will start this baby up.


When life gives you lemons make some OJ
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