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Originally Posted by bobo
well- clowns,
orange spotted goby looks good.
also i thought of scrapping the gobies and going for colours - lemonpeel angelfish

my choices are limited atm and i gotta run by the LFS see what they got

assuming it was your tank, what would you put in it?

HHHhhmmm, that's a loaded question. I have a lot more available to me than most people do because I can order wholesale...
But, if it were mine, I guess I'd do something reef or reef safe animals to allow me to do reef later. Lemon peel angel for as pretty as they are, not a reef safe fish, and also not an easy fish to keep. Lemon peels tend to stress really bad, are difficult to get to eat, and prone to illnesses (usally from stress).
Diamond goby, bangai cardinals, or a small school of 3 firefish... With ocellaris clowns you want to keep it peaceful... with that size of a tank you want to keep it small..., and total fish population would be done with a diamond goby and 3 firefish, and even with those and the 2 clowns, it would still be heavily stocked so would need frequent water changes.
I'm also partial to the starfishes, so would have to have one of those. The linkia stars are algae eaters, so if waste is kept to a minimum, and no aggression issues, that could thrive in there... the blues are pretty awesome.... or the brittle stars... a bit more aggressive, more active, but really cool to watch... same applies with the serpent stars... but only 1 starfish in that size of a tank, and make sure it isn't a carnivorous species like the chocolate chip.
You may also want to look into an orchid dottyback as an option... they're peaceful, beautiful color, and stay small.

You're asking my opinions for choices, but I should let you know... I have a 20 gallon tank devoted to 1 shrimp that has to live alone (saron shrimp) and is just as much work as the fish. I prefer animals that will interact with me, and I also prefer smaller fish for the most part. The hard part is in fitting numerous fish into a tank the size of yours. There aren't a whole lot of compatible options for that size tank. Even with damsels you'd be limited to 1 - 2 fish for a long term environment. Full grown, most of the common damsels will get 5 - 6 inches. Let me see if my husband has anything he would add to your list of choices, and if so, I'll post again for you later.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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betta - thanks for your opinions, but now i`m just curious what anyone would do if they had my size tank - gonna post it up again in fish species and compatibility so add there :)
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