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When to introduce CUC?

Few questions...

First, are clean up crews essential in all tanks? I am building my 46 gal reef, which is not yet completely mature. Will I need a CUC? If so, are there coral friendly crews? Also, when should i add the CUC to the tank, when the coraline algae begins to spread?

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Most people add a CUC before fish and corals. They benefit the system in many ways, by keeping the sand stirred, doing preventative algae control, and eating detritus that settles onto the rock. A CUC is very valuable in a reef system.

I personally do not use a CUC in my FOWLR tank, simply because many of my fish would consider CUC to be food. However, in a reef, there is really no reason not to have a CUC.

As far as what is safe, you will generally not have problems with snails, hermit crabs, and shrimp. Some complain of hermits being opportunistic predators, and there is something to say for this, but I have never had issues when food is added daily.
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what is a CUC?
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CUC = clean up crew. A clean up crew is used to remove small particulates which settle onto the surface of live rock and sand, to keep the sand stirred, and to fight undesirable algae growth.
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thanks still don't know all the abbreviations.
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What kind of food would you reccomend to keep around for the cuc? or should you just hope to let some fish food sink?
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you would be fine with a couple of hermit crabs and snails, not too many though, or they will starve....how long has your tank been running upto now?
how are your water levels? have they been stable for at least a week?
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As of today, my tank has been up and running for a month. The diatom bloom has come and is just about completely gone
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Add a few hermits at this time, just to introduce some life. Feed gently every other day or so and test for ammonia to ensure it does not spike again. (I'm sure it won't.) After a week or so you are ready for a fish.
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After a long conversation with wake, I think i decided on getting these T5s for my lighting. I will be ordering them hopefully at some time this week. Should I wait to add the hermits and fish until after I get my lighting or will it not make a difference changing lighting on them?
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