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oh, there will definitely be a skimmer on the tank. as for what type of fish..... not sure. My choices are a little bit limited because I am in northern Japan. but most likely at least one clown fish(I know there are different types, I am gonna try to find the least aggressive) a few blue green chromis, and a few other fish, depending on what I can find locally.

I will definitely post a pic of the stand, but you'll have to wait a few days, I have to work this weekend and the stand is at the base woodshop right now. so, monday I should be off and I'll get a pic then.

by the way, has anybody ever used a product called Eco-Aqualizer? I was digging around on the internet the other day, there is alot of mixed opinions about it. some say it's golden, some say it's trash. If it works like it's supposed to, it sounds like it'd be an awesome addition to my little project. and not terribly expensive either.

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ok, I promised to post pics of the stand I built. so, here ya go!

now I just have to stain it!
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wow it looks good!!
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Lookin' good!

You stand looks awesome! Very nice for building it on your own. I couldn't even think of doing something like that.

I have heard of Eco-Aquilizer. I've heard the same mixed reviews. I asked abou it on this forum and they said that it's trash. I went out and bought a skimmer. I have the SeaClone and so far it's alright, but the majority of people everywhere don't like it. Not the best, but it does the job fine. I'll upgrade later.

55gal tank
SeaClone Protein Skimmer 100
All-glass 200watt heater
All-glass 24" Fluorescent 19 watt bulbs
Live Sand (50lbs?)
Live Rock
1 Coral Beauty (purple/orange)
1 Clark clown fish
1 dragon wrasse
1 Bangaii Cardinal

20gal tall tank
4 Goldfish


1 crowntail betta tank w/undergravel filter
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Then eco aqualizer is junk. It's not even fake science. Put your $50 towards salt mix and do more water changes. that'll work more then an EcoAqualizer.
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here is the stand, all stained and ready for equipment.
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it looks really good!!
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ok, so tell me if I have the right idea here............

I have heard that crushed coral isn't the best thing that a person can use for their tank. I've actually heard some pretty bad things about it.

so, I think that I am going to use argonite type sand to buffer the water(1-2inches deep), and I'll use something else in the canister filter as extra bio-media instead of the crushed coral, I've heard that cheap plastic pot scrubbies have an enormous surface area. I'll probably still get a small amount of cycled/live crushed coral from the LFS to seed the filter and sandbed, but I won't leave it in there.

I have also heard that a good way to cycle your tank is to put a prawn or shrimp, or just something dead in a nylon stocking, and leave that sitting on the sand bed to get the tank cycled fairly quickly. it's supposed to be smelly, but it works.

and another question, am I supposed to leave the skimmer off during the cycling process?

let me know if I am on the right track here, I've got the tank now, the rest of the equipment is soon to follow, I'll probably have to order the sand from the internet, so that might take awhile.

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Add a few pieces of live rock and skip the whole cycling process. Your tank will still need a few weeks to stabilize but you will not need to add anything to the tank or do any vodoo rituals. Leave the skimmer on, it'll give you a chance to make sure everything is working together. Run the tank just as you would if it was full of fish.
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oh, cool! so with the live rock, and the seeded crushed coral, it won't need to really "cycle" but it'll just need a little bit of time for the bacteria to spread and populate the sand and whatever I put in the canister.

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