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In that case, FOWLR.

What makes live rocks "live"?
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Live Rock is rock and/or coral skeleton that houses bacterias, various worms, and potentially, other life forms. The living organisms and bacterias within the rock are responsible for much of the filtration in the systems housing it. You will need 1-2 lbs of LR for each gallon of capacity your system has. Expect to pay about $6.00 - $8.50 per lb of quality LR.

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What kind of lighting will I need for a fish only with live rock?
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for a fish only with live rocks you can pretty much use any lighting, just make sure it doesnt heat the tank too much, especially if you have a heater in there.

However, if you want corals - you need more specific lighting, hopefully a more experienced member will help you out with that.
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We are going to go to the salt water fish store to get an idea of what we want to keep. I'll ask a few questions there and see what I'll be able to afford as my first marine tank. If I can afford the special lighting and all that jazz, I might go with a reef tank. I guess we shall see.
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Back from the store. There are so many things there! Clams, fish, crabs, corals, ect. It was so much fun.

I asked the guy at the store about starting my first SW Tank. He said they have a 34g cube tank that has all the filtering equipment in the back of it. It has three compartments in the back. He said the skimmer was in one compartment, the other filter media went in the other and the other compartment had little bottles for freshwater. The bottles point down and he said you had to keep freshwater in them. And he said that the top part of the skimmer had to be emptied. The whole set is about $350 not including lighting and the stand. He said stands will run me about $150-300 and the lighting could be around that as well.

I was thinking either a FOWLR or a mini-reef. Oh and live rock at this store is $11.99/lb.
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Sound like the bottle contraption is an ATO. Automatic top off - this adds fresh water to the tank on a steady basis to keep the salinity levels stable. Evaporation doesn't affect the salt in the tank, so you can only add the freshwater.

This is a big problem for a lot of people to maintain properly. My 10 gallon lidless evaporates 1L a day. I made a small mark on the outside of the tank signaling the correct water level for 1.025sg (roughly, I use a hydrometer :( ). Of course temp swings can affect the sg rating so be careful when adding water that it is near the same temp.

Glad to see you're on your way. This will be cool. :D

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Old BC8 setup: http://www.fishforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=10744
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So should I make a mark on the side of the tank that shows the correct level it should be at? How does the bottle set up work because they were just open bottles. How would you fill that? I'm saving up for the tank. I should have it in a few months. :) Then I'll be getting the lighting.
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