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I will agree with Pasfur and Wake. They have helped many of people get there tanks from scratch to show tanks. encludeing mine.
Pasfur has stated to let them help and only them. I would do so. I went to my lfs an got told a bunch of stuff that ended up killing fish. and haveing to start alll over. When i started over i went with what Pasfur and Wake an a few other on here have told me. Now my tank is a charming show tank......
I have read and followed so many threads and have learned alot from what these nice guys and gals have said......
Patience is to sucsess. ................
Thank you Pasfur an Wake and to the others on this form. Im glad that there is a form like this one.
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Repetitive answers are good for me! don't worry. Thank you! I am 22 years old.

No my tank is not drilled, but I am willing to do it if you guys recommend it.

Pasfur, I have already read the article on Q tanks, it was really good and answered a lot of questions, I will read it again too! Thank you!

I have told my dad that it will take a lot of time and patience and he sounds ok with it.

I will find new home for the little platys, and the molly too, and my algae eater, and my shark He was cool. but I know someone who has FW tanks that will want them.

curiosity question, at the fish stores here they offer a service to maintain a tank for you, and they also offer a service to move a tank for you...I can see how moving a tank could be stressful for your fish, how bad is it? like when i do this am I bound to this house? we don't plan on moving real soon, but it is a rental so we are not here forever.

I really appreciate everyone's help with this. I will take it slow and make sure that I can afford to do it right and am educated enough as well. I will be around reading up on everything. This is great, I am so glad I found this board!
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Moving a tank is not fun, but it can be done. I have a 180 in my dining room right now that I set up in April 2009, with every intention of putting down hardwood floors sometime in the next year or 2. Which means I will have to relocate the tank. The point is, your tank at 75 gallons is much easier to handle.

I did a thread when I moved my 38, which may help you visualize how to move a tank:
This thread is the continuation:

I would not have a pet shop maintain your tank. It is far to easy to do yourself, and without the knowledge of how to care for the tank you will never be able to have the display you want. No worries, you can do this.

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as long as I know that I won't kill everything by setting this up too soon then thats good. I would like to be able to take care of it my self, I would only be interested in the service for when I go on vacation.
Thank you!
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Originally Posted by DaughteroftheKing View Post
as long as I know that I won't kill everything by setting this up too soon then thats good. I would like to be able to take care of it my self, I would only be interested in the service for when I go on vacation.
Thank you!
The great thing about marine tanks is that they are very self sufficient for vacation purposes. You just need somebody to throw in some food every 3rd day or so.
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O cool thanks! I added some pictures to my profile, I don't know how to put them in my post, but you can see them in my photos. The tank is kinda dirty right now...speaking of dirty, right now I have to clean (vacuum and scrub sides) every two weeks, I get a lot of algae or mold (as some fish stores have said). are saltwater any cleaner in that way? or do they have to have the sides scrubbed every 2-3 weeks too?
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You will probably wipe the front glass every few days, but you won't have the same sort of algae issues that you get in the typical FW tank. In saltwater we focus on alkalinity and calcium levels, which result in coraline aglae growth, which you actually WANT to have in your tank. It is a very different mindset.

This will help with photos:
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Ok Heres a pic, lets see if it worked...
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That is a nice looking tank. Can you post a pic of the light, from underneath?

Nothing good happens fast in an Aquarium

My 30 Gallon Long Marine Tank
My son's 20 gallon FW Community
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Thanks Wake, I think it would be much nice with SW livestock in it!
Heres some pictures of the light, It is one that my dad put in for me since he is an electrician.
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