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This is the only fish store around that does exclusively salt water. The only other store that sells saltwater fish is Petco. I don't have much to work with being a newbie in this sort of thing.

I have gotten a magnesium suppliment as well as a calcium suppliment. I will soon start adding those into the tank. I will be doing a water change today to try and get my nitrates down. In order to keep what I want to keep in my tank, the salinity needs to be 1.023 - 1.025. Alkalinity needs to be 8-12.

I was told the algae (and I was not told this by the LFS) could have come about because of where the tank was in its cycle. I was told to turn the lights off for a day or two and I did. The algae is completely gone now.
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I asked about the fresh water the store supplies and the man that owns the store assured me it is RO water. He says he has a good system that would alert him to anything wrong with the system. He said it actually has an alarm on it. I believe him, I've seen the system when they were showing me a tank in the other room.

I had my water tested today. Here are the results...

pH - 8.1

Calcium - 460

Alk - 9.6

Nitrites - 0

Nitrates - 80

Phosphate - .38

Salinity - 1.025 (a little under that though)

He gave me some phosphate remover to help with that. He said once I have a sump going on my tank, I can add macro algae to help with the phosphates. I did a 5g water change this week, so I'm guessing that's brought my nitrates down. I'm going to test the water myself tomorrow evening. pH is doing MUCH better. He said it was probably the water change and the fact I put pH buffer in there on Tuesday. (which can take up to 48 hours to completely bring the pH up. He said the calcium was looking great. The salinity is still hanging around 1.025. I'm going to replace another .5-1 gallon of water with fresh to bring it down a notch, then it should be good. So my tank is finally starting to level itself out. :)
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I'd recommend not using a pH buffer when your tank swings.

Honestly a good salt mix really should buffer it properly and keep it there, what kind of mix do you use (forgive me if you mentioned it already)?.

Tanks: 40 gal FW setup, 10 gal Reef tank.

Old BC8 setup: http://www.fishforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=10744
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I only used one scoop of it and it helps with my alk as well. Its Kent Marine. I'm going to be doing some testing tonight before and after a 5g water change. We'll see what the levels are tonight.
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