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T5 Lighting Opinion Wanted.

Hello everyone!
I am thinking about changing my T5 bulbs out for URI bulbs.
I have a Current Nova Extreme Pro 36" fixture currently with 4 actinic bulbs and 2 daylights.
I am thinking about putting 4 super actinics and 2 75 x 25s.

What do you guys think? Anyone tried this? How are the results? Is it worth spending the money?
Anybody have any picture comparisons?

Just looking for any opinions, it is going to cost quite a bit so I want to make sure it will be worth it.

Thanks a lot!

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sounds like alot of blue to me.
color is personal pref. but i prefer a close to even mix of 10Ks and actinics. i personally would include atleast two 10K bulbs in there, i think URI makes 14Ks too which are more blue then the 10s.
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I'll agree with OF2F, too much blue. Color is not just a personal preference though. The corals will grow much better under a lower spectrum. I'd recommend (if you like the blue) you go with 2 10000k bulbs, 2 14000k bulbs, and 2 Actinic bulbs. The zooanthelle algae, which not only provide the photosynthetic corals with their sugars but also give the corals their colors, will flourish much better with the 10000k bulbs. I would strongly believe you will see a dramatic improvement in the health, growth, and overall appearance of your corals with this bulb scheme.

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another way to put it is, youll see alot of growth with 6500K bulbs, the issue is that corals look bland and colorless and algae grows wild at this kelvin too. 20,000K will make your corals grow very slow but the colors "pop" more. a good medium is the 10, 12 and 14K bulbs.
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