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A Clownfish would be a great starting fish for you. An anemone has a lot of other special needs. This could be a good long term option, but I would want the tank to be at least 6 months mature. Honestly, anemones are very difficult. Check out this web page for some tips: Caring for Rose Anemones the right way - INTRODUCTION

For other fish selections, I would try to stick with some of the "nano" species that you often see for sale. Fish such as Flasher Wrasse, some Gobies, and Blennies are the best choice for your tank size. Provided you stick with these small fish, you could have as many as 5 or 6 different fish. I suggest you look at some of the build threads for these nano systems.
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Somebody is offering me 8 kgs of Fully Cured Live Rock from his tank. Should i go for it.

i think i dont have a choice. though its a bit expensive.

If i buy it and put it in my tank what will happen to the nitrogen cycle ?

What say Pasfur Bro ?

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Why don't you have a choice? If you are buying live rock that is experienced, it is usually high quality. However, you want to find out why he is selling the rock. How long ago did he have his last algae bloom? Has he ever treated with copper? Do you have any reason at all to think the rock is not in perfect condition?

Adding this rock will do nothing to your nitrogen cycle. The rock sounds to be fully cured, and will have a significant ability to biologically process waste. This should be a good thing for you.
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Caring for Rose Anemones the right way - INTRODUCTION. This was really good. Thanks. But 6 months :(

Bro later my LFS told me that 8kg rocks are only 3 months old :( Not fully grown.

Another LFS is giving me 2 kgs of Full Algae Hawain Live Rock with some of his tank sand. His tank looks very old with lots of algae. But selling me on a high price as they will flourish very fast on my tank.

Now tell me bro which one i should go for : 8kg 3 months old for $40 or 2kg 1 year old for $20.
or both ?

I am confused.

Plz reply fast bro as his shop is closed tmrw. I am going tonight.
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I would do both. i hope i answerd you fast enough as pasfur is probly asleep. An time diffrence from where you are to us when he gets up it would be to late. lol
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I say both.
8kg=17.6 pounds, which puts it at 2.30 a pound, which is not bad a price.

The other is about 5 dollars a pound for matured rock.

This is less than what I paid for just cured live rock.

"Everyman dies, not every man truly lives." - William Wallace
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Well Well thanks for your replies. Hey Pasfur Bro r u still sleeping. just kidding.

I bought just a small live rock weighing 300 gms and some sand from my LFS tank last night. Guess what, the sand green algae which looked dead last night have started growing when i saw them in the morninig. But no ampipods or copepods were seen in my LFS tank. Just green algae on the rocks.

I am using 12 hrs. light with Philips aqua coral and t5.

i have noticed from last couple of days that small brown algaes in my sand covering 20% of the sand. what are these. diatom blooms. is this this useful? Should i buy more rocks now.
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Yes, you are seeing a diatom bloom. No worries.

I agree, I would have bought both deals on the live rock.
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Diatom Bloooom

how long the diatom will last?
can i add 1 or 2 false percula at this moment?
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The diatom will last a few weeks. Yes, I think you can add a couple of Ocellaris Clowns. Keep them small!!!! Larger ones will become more aggressive towards future fish additions.
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