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hi guys...
you got me afraid with the overflow in the sump tank.
What if I combine an emperor 400 and a canister filter? whould that be ok and enough for the bacteria?
and would I need a skimmer having the emperor and the canister?

El pescao
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I also I a emporior with a canister filter. On mine I have the empoir for the carbon I need, the canister filter for everything that is loose in the main tank, on top of a sump that houses everything else. Like my skimmer, UV sterilizer, pieces of live rock, and caleripia algea.
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I'm a bit leary about using HOBs for salt water tanks, since there's not enough biological filtration in the filter. The ones with biowheels are known to cause an increease in nitrates.

An overflow with a sump would be the best choice and is normally a common choice for serious salt water tanks. The sump would allow you to keep majority of your equipment in the sump and not in the tank, such as heaters and skimmers.

You can use Rubbermaid tubs as water containers for the sump.
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ok... so a sump is the best choice.
how do you prevent flooding of the tank? and flooding on the sump?

El pescao
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To bring the water back to the tank you must get a pond pump that can handle at least 700gal/hr. For if the power ever went out I have a battery back up for the pump.
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A backup power supply is one choice or you have to make sure your sump is not full of water. You need to calculate how much water you will need in the sump. The best way is just to turn off the pump and let the water from the tank overflow into the sump naturally. Empty the sump of all the water. Then allow water from the tank to overflow into the sump. If the flow stops, keep adding water into the tank so the water overflows into the sump again, until the water in the sump reaches maybe like 5 inches from the top lip of the sump. When it does, stop adding water into the tank and let the overflow continue until it stops on it's own. Mark the the water line in the sump as an indicator so you know how much water to add in there the next time you need to fill the sump,
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What will happen is when the power goes out, I siphon in the overflow box stops when the pump stops. When it comes back on the pump comes on but the siphon doesn't start up, its needs you to jump start it and if your not home or you are asleep then what happens is that the pump pumps all the water from the sump into your main tank and it will not stop till the sump is drained of all the water. It has happened 3x to me, thats why I got a back up.
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