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so what does everyone think?

ok, i just spent a good amount of money today and unfortunatly im just getting started. i guess im committed to starting up a salt water tank now and theres no turning back. any way my plan is to get a 46gal tank i have(almost positive its 46) up and going starting ofcourse with FOWLR but eventually i want corals.. as of right now i think im going to do 2 black clowns or 1 black 1 orange and maybe a goby. (not 100% on the fish just yet) i plan on getting the live sand and live rock in, settled, and cured before i do anything. im also going to get shrimp,snails,stars,hermit crabs/emerald crabs but im not sure of a good combo (any ideas? i kinda want a sexy shrimp but im not sure what else) and the clean up crews going in after a few weeks after my rock and sand has been in.
so this is what i ordered online today: -
ASM mini-G protein skimmer
SERA 300watt heater
DEEP SIX hydrometer
Coralife Digital thermometer
Red Sea coral pro salt 175gal mix -
API liquid master saltwater test kit
KORALIA power heads ( x2 ) 600gph
Caribbean Live Sand Original Substrate 60lbs

since coral wont be in the picture for some time a lights not going to be all that important but i do have 2 different coral rated light fixtures ( dont know brands or whatever, im at work)
i plan on getting 2 garbage cans (for salt mixing and water changing etc.)
i also plan on atleast 60lbs live rock. as all this starts to get going im going to build a sump (hopefully with a 30gal tank) and buy a return pump, eventually a timer for the lights, and then the clean up crew, and then a month or 2 later ( no rush here ) get 2 or 3 fish.
sorry its long but what do you think? what am i missing? suggestions suggestions THANKS!
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Sounds good. I don't see anything i'd change about the setup itself.

You will need a Calcium and Alkalinity test kit also, as well as a Calcium supplement. I would suggest this from the beginning.
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+1. The only thing is I wouldnt get Sexy Shrimp. These shrimp are incredibly tiny, and IMO, shouldn't be placed in a tank larger than 10 gallons since they will not be noticed very much. Also, if you do get sexies, get at least 5, since they like to be in groups and in odd numbers, and your tank can hold the bioload easily.
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