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So how is this done?

Over the next 3 days i`m starting up my tank, Since i`m getting cash tomorrow, i`m going down to the LFS and getting my Live rock(About 50 pounds), my live sand(no idea quantity), a testing kit, filter equipment, and my R/o water.

So i wanna do this right straight form part one. i know it`s wise to put the rock in before the sand.
Tomorrow, using a damp towel i`m gonna clean up any dust that may have gathered on the tank.

After that should i add the Water, the rock or the sand first? I know my equipment need to be partially covered with water to work properly ( atleast the canister filter ) so nothing will go on till the water is started.

Another question - when do i first test the water. Ofcourse i will have the salt premixed in the water so i will check salinity first, but when should i do my first check for nitrates and ammonia etc.

walk me through day one please :)
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put in 1/2 to 3/4 of the water first and set it to your desired temp 74-78. Turn on your powerhead and filter if you can so the salt is mixed well and not cloudy. Then add the rocks (after a good rinsing), then put the sand around it. It will get very cloudy most likely. Fill up the rest of the tank and turn on your skimmer if you have one. That's about it. I would test the water after a couple days.

I'm new to this and very interested and invested into it right now. Beware: I am gonna ask a lot of questions.
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when you say rinse the live rock/sand. Do i use R/O water or can i use tap water for this?
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Originally Posted by bobo
when you say rinse the live rock/sand. Do i use R/O water or can i use tap water for this?
Personally, I would recommend filling a few extra buckets of saltwater to rinse the rocks in. You dont want to chance killing off any of the good stuff from within them.

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alrightey, getting everything thursday :P looking forward to this alot :D
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