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ok so I'll check out the website and if there isn't a good lighting system if I make DIY what is the minimum Watts for the things in the live rock so I can start out with just a few and put more in when I'm ready for corals and fish... but $200 MH sounds awesome! and ya I would cure the live rock in the tank then when it is done and ready for aquascaping I would add dry rock in to make it good.

also would the dry rock turn to live rock faster in small doses of like 10-15lb doses over periods of like 2 months?

Electric bill to my Mom a 500W system is out(maybe) so 250 would support stuff right?

Also actinic lights are for daylight use right?


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also I was wondering if these would be good(and yes I know they are out of stock right now)


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Yah that light would be fine. With a T5 fixture you can really get the color you want cause of the limitless bulb combos. But i'm a sucker for a 20K MH bulb. I love the shimmer and with I had enough money for it on my tank.
I would just add the base rock to your tank all at once and let it cycle. Just get a pice of live rock to seed the rock and sand. A scoop of live sand from an established tank would be nice also cause it has all of the critters in it.
Actinic lighting is for daylight use but sometime people have just the actinics come on for a couple of hours before the main lights and stay on a couple of hours after the main lights go off. For cycling the tank you can use any bulb you want. You probably have a strip light hanging around or something. You can aquascape the rock while it is cycling too. If you add base rock or more dry rock after your tank is done cycling it will start another cycle so don't do that. Good luck!
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ok thank you so much for your help just a few weeks I'll have the lights and a few weeks after that the rock and sand... Now I am going to go over my CUC stocking list and fish stocking list over and over till i find the ones i want...(have a plan already but looking at prices now and hopes are up)


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you can get metal halide pendant retrofit kits and just build a housing, if you get 2 150 that will be way more than enough and they cost around $100 each total.

Also check out your local craigslist

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Originally Posted by pretzelsz View Post
Yes I might be happier with the 55 gallon but I need $400 for the lights alone and I don't get alot since I do not have a job(Highschool) If I can just get like a link to a light system able to handle the corals maybe some extra watts(260ish is the $400 one) for less maybe. From all my reading I didn't know I could add more every once in awhile(before adding fish I take it) but it would be like $100 for 1 pounds and that takes me like 3 weeks to get(more acually 30 a week maybe more). So if that would work but I am leaning towards the smaller tank but if that works then I'll think about it.
I'm not sure where you're pricing your lights at but I bought a four foot light set up for salt water for $130, it has two HO T5 bulbs and is sufficient for most tanks. You can shortcut on additional LED lighting by purchasing the flexible stick on LED light strips for vehicles at autozone. They are easy to wire and provide a variety of lighting. If you check craigs list and keep on you you will most likely be able to catch people offloading thier equipment and live rock for a fraction of what you would pay at a store. Additionally, I've seen websites devoted to teaching people how to make regular rocks "live"rock, through a series of grafting. If you have a decent LFS that purchases back fish, you might make up a card and ask that they call you if anyone comes in looking to offload thier set up. Let them know what you are looking for.

It wont all be new, but You could probably cut about a third of the costs by taking your time and scouting out tank quitters.

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