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The light is 2X250. which I'm told will provide separated light beams to enhance the beauty. I haven't verified if the light has multiple time of day settings or is just on/off. Not sure yet how big a deal this is.

I hear ya about the dept. I'm worried that with little to no fish I will have enough detritus in a larger tank. Plus I haven't seen as many 75s in the classifieds, although I am willing to wait upto a month or something looking. I'm going to some nicer fish stores this weekend that are accross the state a little bit. Might clear things up for me. Thanks again for the suggestion, I'm not arguing with it.

NEW QUESTION: I read an article about DSBs, and these guys suggest that a deep sand bed can be potentially dangerous. The anerobic layer provides both nitrate fixation as well as sulfate conversion which can cause deadly gas pockets. Also it suggest that if I get enough sand stirering creatures to adequately stir the sand, then I run the risk that the sand stirers will eat to many of the live sand critters and interfer with part of the life cycle of the tank. Have you guys heard about alot of problems with deep sand beds?

Here is an excerpt from that article:
In a deep sand bed, there are another type of bacteria, termed anaerobic, that require a depleted oxygen environment to function. Among these are the "denitrifying" bacteria that convert toxic nitrate into beneficial nitrogen. The primary objective of a DSB is to provide a layer of very low oxygen, termed hypoxic, where bacteria can function anaerobically. The potential harm is in creating a layer completely devoid of oxygen, termed anoxic, where "reducing" bacteria can convert sulfate into hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell). This and other toxins can dangerously accumulate in a sand bed that is too deep or not properly maintained.
further question-in addition to the macro algae, would you guys put deep sand in the refugium? Unless I have a spare starfish that comes out of the live rock I probably won't have or want a sand stirer down there. Should I consider some more live rock down their, or would everything just be much easier down there if I stuck with a pure algae refugium

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you want a level 4'' to 6'' sand bed for a DSB. as long as your not in there swirling all the sand around and stirring it all up, nothing serious should be released.

i dont understand why your complaining you WONT have enough detritus in your tank. you dont want detritus in your tank. from the few fish or even 1 you'll have more then enough will be present.
personally i have a DSB in my refuge, 1 small rock ( if even that, i wouldnt put any more then that as it could catch debris and build up gunk similiar to what bioballs do, remember refuges are slower flowing ) i have a nice size ball of chaeto growing that i prune from time to time and rotate every other day to few days. i have a few other macros growing but for looks. i dont suggest caulerpa for nutrient absorption, go with chaeto but id wait until the tank was running for a good while first. the light i suggest should be on when the tank display lights are out and off when theyre on, some even say 24 hours a day but idt this is needed ( and possibly even healthy for long term plant growth as all living things rest )
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