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well atleaste my skimmer is going to work and i have more live sand coming in the mail to bulk up the bed a bit. also i have 1200 gph total of jets coming in the mail... .i have this skimmer, seems to work good. any way i can tell if it does not? Aquarium Filtration: Bak-Pak 2R+ Reef Ready Protein Skimmer

this picture is with the filter in it....thats now gone obviously...the snails pretty much cleaned the back glass so all that coraline isnt on there anymore. to bad they are almost gonners
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i thought my penguine 550s were 550 gallons...nope only 175...whats the point in that?
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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
good move, what kind of powerheads do you have (brand/model) and how many pounds of liverock?
I don't see an answer to this question. Looking at the picture, i think this part of the issue causing the ammonia spike. You have about 1/2 the normal amount of live rock for a typical aquarium. This is not to say that you can't be successful with less live rock, but we would have been better off to remove the filter media a bit at a time over the course of a few weeks.

I advice placing 1/2 of the media back into the skimmer. Wait until the ammonia drops, wait 1 week, then remove 1/2, wait another week and remove the remainder.

More on this tonight.

Again, what is the pH??
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to late to put the media back in, its all gross....shouyld i do daily water changes? or should i just screw it untill my sand and pumps get here and ill go buy some more rock... my ph is 7.4 droped
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ammonia - .25
nitrate - 2.5
alk - 2.5
ph - 7.4

ill do a 5 gallon water change tonight
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Your pH of 7.4 is just not acceptable. You have to do something more significant. I'm still in disbelief of this pH. How old is your salt mix? Have you tested the salt mix prior to adding it to the aquarium? I think your salt is not buffering properly.
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By the way clint, i'm sorry you are in this situation. You are putting a lot of faith in people you don't know. I promise this will work out best in the long run. I take this personal when something like this goes wrong. It was very unexpected.
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my salt mix is 2 weeks old and its red sea, i purposly do not buy a large bag for that reason. when i do my water change i will test the ph in it and get back. should i buy a ph buffer as its self? or should the salt do it just fine? maybe ill try just getting a ph kit incase mine is bad.
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my live sand is coming with some skimmer has a section made for media...should i put that in there? good constant water flow.

thanks pasfur i really appreciate it
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either there, or tucked in a corner of your display somewhere (another thing a sump is good for!). What kind of macroalgae is it? cheato, caulerpa, etc... I think macro is best used in an area of slow, constant flow, so there might be more flow than would be ideal in your skimmer.

Also, the macro will need light to grow (like any algae!), does a significant amount of light from the tank make it inside the skimmer where the media chamber is? If not, I wouldn't suggest you put the macro in there, as it will wilt and die in the absence of light.

"To an optimist, the glass is half-full;
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