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The best thing for you to do at this stage is to wonder around the internet (and specifically this forums build threads) to get an idea of what you want to try to archive with a marine tank. Saltwater tanks are so different to (most) freshwater tanks it is unreal.

Successful salt tanks tend to be set up as ecosystems, rather than a system dependent on the owner. This is one fundamental that you need to get your head around, coming from the freshwater world.
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Interesting read. I have never even considered a SW tank. Well, I suppose I did and the answer was quickly NO. But after reading some of the info here it almost sounds like it could be right up my alley. Too bad I bought a canister filter already as I was going to go planted fw. My 55g is sitting on its stand waiting to be set up.

I think I will still do the fw tank in the 55g since I already have the filter and other stuff coming for it. But this sw stuff does give me something to look at and consider for a possible go in the future. I like learning and exploring new stuff and I can't get enough of researching something that I sink my teeth in to. Sw could very well be for me.

Thanks for all the info guys. I'm going to keep reading.

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Having both a cichlid and a reef tank running currently I would definately say there is more physical work for my freshwater tank (50% wc once a week) but more on going little stuff for my reef.
I have no monthly schedule for my reef tank but here is what normally goes on for me.
2 5gal water changes a month.
Razorblade the glass twice a month.
Refill with RODI water every three days
Add some various trace elements for my coral when I think about it.
Empty the skimmer every two or three weeks or so.

Cost is much higher. Electric bills will rise, you need more water movement thus powerheads, new bulbs every 9-10 months ($130), elements and food.
Im a lazy reefer and try to do things the easiest way I can, which might not be the best route for you. There is no one absolutely correct way to run a saltwater tank.

That said, i love my saltwater tank and want to take down my cichlid tank in the next couple weeks to build a new saltwater tank(nixed my discus tank idea for anyone who was following that). I get bored too easy with FW, not enough to tinker with.

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