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do you have to use RO/DI water?

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No, But it is by far the best option. The poorer the water, the harder it will be to maintain. Excess phospahtes and other pollutants in poorer water sources will promote undesirable algae growth, and can negatively affect your livestock. You can get an inexpensive RO/DI filter on ebay for around $100.00, Otherwise, I suggest checking local Supermarkets for refillable R/O water. Wal-Mart has it available for about $.33/Gal. up here.

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ok thanks
do you add salt to top off the tank or is the salt on the side enough

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In SW, when evaporation happens, you Top-off only with RO water. No salt. You see, salt doesn't evaporate. Water does.

Oh, and make sure you top-off every few days, even if it doesnt look like much evaporated. If you dont, it can mess up your SG, dependant on the tank size. I have seen my 10G fluctuate .001-.002 away from my orginal SG, which can be bad. Fortunatley, I keep my reef at 1.024.
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My 10G lidless needs easily 1L a day in water. I get frustrated because unless I design an ATO system I'll never be able to leave my tank for vacation or anything of the sort.

BTW use RO or RO/DI water as often as you can, and exclusively if you can. I can't stress enough how important good water is, it is literally the life of your system. It will dictate your fish's health, partially your coral's development, and most certainly the overall success of your tank. Take the extra step to acquire the water, it will save you stress, high blood pressure, loss of hair and suppress the urge to go on a killing spree when your tank gets sick.

A good salt mix is key too. :D

Good luck!

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