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I have not checked them Since my WC on Sunday. However, both the red on the rocks and the white on the goby have been there for over a week, and you saw my parameters from last week and they were OK.

I can check tonight.
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So the corals from badx arrived. I have good news and "bad" news I guess.

First the good. We thought the package would be delayed but it arrived today. To my knowledge everything looked OK. They were packed well.

The "bad" news is, I have a work emergency, so I got to rush home, get the corals in the tank, eat, and now I need to go back to work. I was only able to temp and bag acclimate for about an hour then dip in coral rx. I know this is not the best way, and I know others say coral drip acclimation is not even needed. so I guess time will tell.

The zoas are opening after 15 mins so that's good. And the mushroom has gone from a brown to neon green in the same amount of time.

The GSP mat is a nice purple. Its bent weird, and so I assume I should cut the mat and glue it down flat. (the pic below is bad due to the angle so ill get a new one later)

He also sent Pavona, and I believe a piece broke in transit. I made a second frag by gluing it where it broke. Its was "secreting" a clear substance.

I also need to know about light acclimation. I don't know what lights he had the pavona under so I don't know if it needs to go as high as possible right away, or if it needs to take its time. Overall it looks like this was a success.

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Reference Team
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Give em a few days and they should perk right up.I am so glad everything made it.The broken one is a pavona coral that is an easier SPS coral.I wanted to see if this little guy would ship well because if he did then there are a few other candidates for another trip.The mushroom is the most vibrant gree I have ever seen and I have seen alot. The star polyps are a spreading mat coral that can cover rocks when its happy so I would just leave it to the sand bed for now,it too is the more electric green variant of pachyclauvularia.If you like it I have a purple,green with dark stripes and a blue clove polyp.All are spreaders though.The pavona is an encrusting coral that makes cactus like whorls in its skeleton.The zoanthids are radioactive dragon eyes...upon looking at the sent corals I realize I sent you a green dominated frag pack.Hope you like green :)

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Reference Team
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As far as lighting I had them under T-5 HO bulbs any where from about 10 inches to over a foot so you should be good.The corals I sent are flexible with lighting,flow,and perameters. It looks like a emerald sunrise palythoa hitched a ride on the zoanthid frag plug.You can take wire cutters and remove it and apiece of the aragonite plug so you can attach it to another rock.These Palythoas are a larger polyp predecessor of the zoanthids and can derive more nutrition from eating in addition to lighting.For this reason they can some times over grow the neighboring zoanthids,not all the time but it can happen.I personaly like the emerald sunrise over the other zoanthids but in your case I would just keep em all and if you decide you dont like em use em as credit for a coral at your local fish store.

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AHHHHHHHHHHH Im so excited its insane. I put on the stunner strips with the main lights off and WOW. SUPER GREEN!!!!!!!!

The polyp mat has started to open as well.

So im just concerned on the pavona, and when I should move them since I know they like light. Since we have similar lights should I just give them a day or two on the bottom to acclimate from 0 light in the box to t5 and then move them up? or should I move them sooner? Do the colors look OK there?
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Reference Team
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LEDs make them look amazing but its so hard to take a good picture.As far as the pavona just let it ride for now.After a day or two move it up but remeber that it will encrust whatever it is attached to wether it rock,coraline algae, or even some plastics like overflow boxes and intakes.I usualy just try and keep it to its own rock.This is the most finicky of what you got so be patient with it. You should see some of the blue corals I have,everything I sent you I have in purple or blue.

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A little hard to read, but this is what im looking for on Saturday. Any reccomindations/changes/ suggestions.

This is what Im looking out for on Saturday

Cool Zoas
Pulsing Xenia
Kenya Tree

Plate -short tentacle
Candy cane

White Banded Possum Wrasse (Wetmorella albofasciata)
Blue Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus cyaneus)
Filamented Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus filamentosus)
Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto)
Firefish (Nemateleotris magnifica)
Firefish, Purple (Nemateleotris decora)

Pistol Shrimp (still not 100% sure if I want one) (is there a specific kind that pairs with yellow watchman?)

Dry Goods:
More Airline Tubing,valves
New Lights
Chemipure Elite
Purigen Bag
Filters to cut to size for my media rack
Cheap Maxijet for

And just because I can use this post as a shopping list:
A Betta
Possibly some Corys for my FW
FW Plants

25% off wet goods and 15% off dry.

The drive is about 1.5hrs away. Im coming straight home after we buy and Ill have everything setup waiting for me to acclimate. I will be bringing coolers to put the bags in so temp is regulated and there is no light to keep stress down. Will get fish double bagged.

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Reference Team
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If you can't find what you want in the sessile inverts department I have all of the corals you listed,and love to trade :) As far as the pistol shrimp if you have a cryptocentrus cintus"Yellow Watchmen" Then they are not picky about there companions.I have a pair with a tiger pistol wich is the easiest to pair and I also have another pair with the yellow pistol shrimp but I have also had them pair with the candy cane\stripe pistol shrimp.There is a bulls eye pistol commonly available but I have yet to try this one and have not seen much about there symbiosis between any shrimp gobies.

I love your placement map.I always go in so blind and just fill up the space on the fly.So spontaneous as I love all coral species and can't resist.My red sea looks nothing like the one you are creating.Mine is more fish oriented wich is a little strange for me.I am sure that will change in the near future.

One other note,make sure the fish eat in front of you.Unless you have good experience and confidence with a fish or you have live foods its a good idea to have them feed a fish prior to purchase to make sure they at least have interest.Have fun at the store...I always do,but my wallet doesn't ;)

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Picked up:

Royal Gamma
Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus filamentosus)
Carribian Pistol Shrimp

Hammer Coral Frag
Short Tenticle Plate Coral
Duncan frag
Trumpet Coral

Now I wanted a tiger pistol but they were not in stock. The LFS pointed out the carribian, which looks super cool and was actually cheaper. I looked it up and went by their knowledge and decided to buy him to see if he will pair with my goby. Digging deeper into the web now there is mixed reviews on this shrimp so I hope all works out. He is already burrowing like crazy.

Do I have to be concerned with falling rocks if he is burrowing?????

Pics later as lights are off so everything adjusts.
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I have heard horror stories about burrowing fish/shrimp creating falls. Hopefully you'll be fine.
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